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Website Primer

You've decided that it really would be nice to have a web site - maybe for your new small business, or for that youth sports league that you got "convinced" to help run, or for your local church group.

So now what do you do? How do you get a web site? Where do you start? This primer will give you the basic information you need to understand the issues involved in "getting online".

A simple analogy

Maybe the easiest way to introduce the concepts involved in the online world is to draw an analogy to something most of us are quite familiar with: the telphone.

We're all familiar with how telephones work: You let people know your phone number, then when they want to call you they dial your number. There are 3 distinct items in play to make a phone call happen:

Once you have these three items covered - once you have a phone number, an account with a service provider, and (optionally) an answering machine, you are all set to receive phone calls.

Now let's look at what it takes to have a web site. Again, there are 3 distinct items required:

So setting up a web site is a 3 step process:

The Webtendant Solution

We know that your options for your web site are virtually unlimited. While this can be a good thing, it can also be overwhelming. Especially for someone who is just starting out.

At Webtendant, we do (almost) everything for you. We can register your domain name (but this is not required - you can register your own name - or we can work with a name that you have already registered). We host your site. We provide you with a pre-designed look and feel for your web site - clean and simple. And we provide you with the tools so that you can easily add your information to the site (this is something you need to do - who else knows what you want to tell the world!).

Please browse our site to determine whether Webtendant is right for you. If you have questions, please contact us. We're here to help.

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