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Web Site Management

Web hosting and content management are a single package at Webtendant. We are not a traditional web host, in that the web sites that we host can only be updated via our Content Management tools.

We offer 3 hosting packages.

  Bronze Silver Gold
Number of Pages 5 8 unlimited
Publications Pages 1 2 unlimited
General File Upload no yes yes
External Navigation Links no no yes
Cost: 3 month cycle $20 $25 $40
Cost: 6 month cycle $35 $45 $65
Cost: yearly cycle $60 $80 $120

Domain Name Registration

We can register your domain name and perform all necessary configuration of your domain. If you choose to register your domain by yourself, you will be responsible for configuring your domain to work with your Webtendant-based web site.

The cost for registering a domain is $25/year. We will not register a domain until a user has set up a hosting account and paid the initial invoice on the account.

Custom Services

In addition to our standard packages, we can provide specific consulting services to assist you in getting the most from your web site. Some specific consulting options include:

If you are interested in custom services, please contact us to discuss your project, and how we can help.

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