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How Do I Decide?

We'll be the first to admit that Webtendant isn't the right solution for everyone. Experienced web developers might prefer a more traditional web host, where the hosting company gives you an empty slate and allows to to create whatever you like.

But for many people, that empty slate is a nightmare. And most people are hoping that the web will make their lives easier. Learning how to create a web site, coming up with a design that works, then managing that site is a lot of effort. Effort that could be spent running your business or organization.

While the potential uses for a Webtendant site are unlimited, there are a few groups for whom webtendant is a perfect solution.

Very Small Business

There is no such thing as a company too small for the web. Today the one-person company is more popular than ever. And a web site is a necessity for these companies!

Many customers today find service providers via google. It has replaced the Yellow Pages for many people. Having a simple web site, saying what you do, where you do it, and how you can be reached will bring in new business.

With Webtendant, you can have that web site for under $100/year.

Business That Is New To The Web

It's not just the one-person business that needs a web presence. Any business that is without a web site is losing a valuable marketing opportunity.

The primary barriers to getting a business online are cost and technical ability. With Webtendant, these barriers are eliminated. Inexpensive and easy-to-use, we can have your message available to the world in no time.

Existing Site That Is Out Of Date

If you spend any amount of time using the web, you've seen sites that are hopelessly out of date. Businesses listing "special prices" good through the end of June, 2006. Sports leagues with the 2007 schedule. The list goes on.

A web site that is out of date is worse than no web site at all. It makes it look like the business of club is no longer in existence!

Sports League

Anyone who runs a sports league or team knows the number of hours spent on communications (phone calls, mailings, handouts) each year. A website will will greatly reduce the effort required in this area.

Social Club or Organization

Social Clubs are similar to sports leagues. They generally have some schedule of events that they need to communicate to members and prospective members. And posting contact information for officials makes it easier to attract new members.

Special Event

Planning a special event? A web site can greatly simplify your communications. If it's an event that runs on a regular basis (for example, an annual charity event), then the web site can be used each year, giving people a consistent place to find information about the event each year.

For charity events, a simple hookup to PayPal can allow you to collect donations from people who will not be attending the event. If you are not familiar with how PayPal works, we can set it all up for you. Of course, an additional fee applies for this setup.

Still Not Sure

If you still aren't sure whether or not Webtenadant is right for you, please contact is via email at "support -at-" and we'll answer any questions that you might have.

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